Dr. Antonio Jimenez

Dr. Antonio Jimenez is the Founder and Medical Director of the Hope4Cancer Institute in Mexico. For nearly three decades, Dr. Jimenez has dedicated his life to providing safe, effective and non-toxic treatment options to cancer patients across the world. When it comes to his work, Dr. Jimenez says he “welcome[s] the challenge of bringing recovery to patients suffering from cancer, heart disease, and other degenerative diseases.” Early in his career, he was trained to perform conventional treatments, but over the years, discovered better protocols to treat chronic conditions other than with radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy.

Dr. Jimenez leads the only accredited center in the western hemisphere for the Cancer Virotherapy treatment protocol. This treatment, unlike chemotherapy and radiation introduces a special virus into the human body that destroys tumor cells without affecting healthy cells, and stimulates the body’s natural defense and immunity system. Dr. Jimenez is also recognized as a pioneer of many bioregulatory and natural cancer treatment methods such as Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, Hyperthermia, AARSOTA Bio-Immunotherapy (Cancer Vaccine), Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Cold Plasma Ozone Therapy and IV Protocols, among others. Moreover, he is considered one of the most progressive integrative medicine specialists in the world today.

At the Hope4Cancer Institute, Dr. Jimenez and his team follow a seven-step cancer treatment philosophy with each patient. The seven steps or principles of this treatment plan include:

Step 1: Non-toxic Cancer Fighting Agents

Therapies and products used at the facility are:

  • Perfectly safe to normal cells and will not harm vital, healthy tissues
  • Not likely to cause side effects
  • Not derived from toxic or poisonous substances
  • Clinically shown to reverse and stop the spread of cancer, prevent metastases, and enhance the immune system

Step 2: Enhance & Optimize Immune System

At Hope4Cancer Institute they specialize in strengthening and optimizing the human immune system by using a series of products and techniques that enhance the body’s own ability to fight cancer and/or mutated cells within the body. Their immune system enhancement program includes the use of biological vaccines which stimulate and promote an antigen-antibody response. This reaction selectively attacks and destroys cancer cells, the main goal in the fight against cancer.

Step 3: Full Spectrum Nutrition & Alkalinize

Staff at the Hope4Cancer Institute believe that in order for one’s system to be 100 percent effective and achieve optimal health in its fight against cancer, a vast array of nutrients must be consumed in correct ratios and combinations. Full Spectrum Nutrition includes dietary intake of foods that contain a balance of compounds present in fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, fish, and plenty of alkaline water.

Step 4: Detoxification (specifically heavy metals and toxins)

The Hope4Cancer Institute recommends detoxification through the use of Coffee Enemas and Near Infra-Red Saunas for anyone suffering from cancer and other chronic degenerative disease. Their detoxification processes involves the removal of harmful metals and minerals from the body, to keep it functioning normally and enhance recovery.

Step 5: Eliminate Microbes & Pathogens

Medical evidence suggests that cancer is a disease partly caused by infectious agents (fungus, viruses, bacteria and other less known pathogens, such as prions, cell-wall deficient forms). Accordingly, the Hope4Cancer Institute specializes in treatment modalities that cause the breakdown and ultimate elimination of microbes and pathogens.

Step 6. Oxygenation

Staff at the Hope4Cancer Institute affirms that increasing oxygen levels, at the cellular site, in an oxygen-starved environment of a diseased body is an essential factor in reversing the anaerobic process. Oxygen therapies or oxidative therapies and their therapeutic uses available at Hope4Cancer Institute include: Intra-venous ozone, ozonated water, stabilized liquid oxygen and topical ozone preparations. Oxygen (o2), along with foods, are the primary nutrients that cells use to generate energy for all their functions. An optimal cellular oxygen environment can result in physiological (normal) life process.

Step 7. Spiritual and Emotional Integrity

As an organization, the Hope4Cancer Institute believes in having God at the center of human lives. They’ve found that patients who have a strong “God center”, regardless of their faith, end up having the most beneficial recovery effect. They promote this treatment approach by offering support therapies like Recall Healing. This particular treatment attempts to uncover traumatic episodes, often hidden to the patient, that may be at the root of the physiological changes that lead to cancer.

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