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Alternative Healing Therapies & Facilities

In the Western world, healthcare and healing practices are often associated with large pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and conventional medical practices. Anything outside of this regimented norm of health management is often called alternative medicine, practices and therapies. By… Read More

The Power of Juicing

  Juice Cleanse. Juice Fast. Juice Detox. Singularly and collectively these juice-centered phrases are common buzzwords in the health industry. But juicing, when understood, is much more powerful than a trend or fad health tip. Juicing fruits and… Read More

The Truth About Plant-Based Vitamins & Supplements

The body requires a wide range of vitamins and minerals to maintain a constant state of wellness. Individuals who consume highly processed foods or a regular Standard American Diet (SAD) are generally deficient of the necessary vitamins and… Read More

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

  Water is the cornerstone of human health and wellness. We need water to live, mainly because the human body is made up of 80 percent water. Medical research suggests that on average drinking at least 64 ounces… Read More

Building The Immune System

Maintaining health and a perpetual state of wellbeing is an ideal that many people strive to achieve daily. In essence, we all desire to feel good and have our bodies function properly at optimal levels. The system in… Read More

Essential Oils 101

Ever smelled a beautiful rose or a fresh sprig of rosemary? If you have then you are more familiar with essential oils than you may have known. By definition, an essential oil is a naturally occurring, aromatic compound… Read More